Time For Nick 504 S. Maple, Inman, Kansas 67546

Grassroots Constitutionally Conservative Republican

About Nick


Nick started life in Kansas and is a life-long Republican. He is married to Katy and together they have 2 children.  Katy and Nick live in Inman, the custom harvesting capital and for the past ten years  have been running  the Inman Harvest Café, a quaint little restaurant on main street USA.  Nick has been a police officer, a firefighter and an EMT and now he looks forward to serving you with honesty, compassion, and resolve.


Nick is running for Congress because he wants to see America and Kansas better for his children and generations to follow.  This goal is attainable only by returning to the foundational principles of our Republic.


Nick is a Kansan who still believes in American exceptionalism. Whether it is the cherished sanctity of life, his loving wife and children, or Kansas agriculture he will fight to protect your God-given rights bound by the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.